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The type and number of units will vary by home. For example, a multi-position air handler could condition your home’s first floor and common living areas while a pair of horizontal-ducted units handle your upstairs bedrooms. Or you could customize comfort for your one-story home with two or three horizontal-ducted units. In whole-home applications, Diamond Contractors® also commonly

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Here’s one of example of what builders can achieve with whole-home heat-pump designs. Atlanta-based builder Elemental Green Homes and mechanical contractor Canton Heating & Air partnered with the Mitsubishi Electric Performance Construction team to

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“A couple could use the EZ FIT to condition their bedroom while they sleep while other units in their home are adjusted down since the other zones aren’t in use,” noted Poag. “These units are getting very popular because they don’t disturb the look of the room and they work really well.”

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Mini-split heat pumps and air conditioners, such as Zoned Comfort Solutions®, can be installed in one of two configurations: a one-to-one design featuring an outdoor condensing unit connected to an indoor unit via small refrigerant lines, or a multi-zone design with an outdoor condensing unit connecting up to eight indoor units. One-to-one configurations are ideal for conditioning a singular room, 

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