When you decide to finish this space, and perhaps create an officehome gym, guest bedroom or bonus room, you’ll have a lot to consider. The room’s heating and air-conditioning solution, however, doesn’t have to be a source of debate! A FROG is an ideal place for Mitsubishi Electric ducted and ductless mini-split heat pumps to provide zoned cooling and efficient, comfortable, all-electric heating even in cold climates.


Why go with a mini-split?

Adding 3,500 cubic feet (the average size of a room over the garage) to your home’s existing heating and air-conditioning system would cause strain and impact whole-home performance. Replacing the entire system is hardly cost-effective, not to mention, above-garage rooms are often at the opposite end of the house from existing HVAC equipment, making it hard to tie in a new unit. Good news — there’s an efficient, minimally disruptive solution!


A mini-split air-conditioning or heat pump system is made up of an indoor unit, sized specifically for the room or “comfort zone,” connected to an outdoor condensing unit by small refrigerant lines. Indoor units can be ductless or ducted, the latter style using compact-run ducts to mitigate energy waste. Mitsubishi Electric mini-splits run on variable-speed compressor technology, meaning they only use the energy needed to heat or cool a space, passing on utility cost savings to you. Plus, the all-electric, zero-emission heating means no additional gas hook-up, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.